Some serious research in statistics and support structure … in regards to persons affected by sexual handicap, has brought the members of the governing board of AREPAHS to identify the need to link together ailing individuals, who find themselves locked in an intolerable state of loneliness. Indeed, physical sexual handicap is not apparent in our civil society, and above all cannot be revealed because it is totally taboo.

This is the reason for the creation of a qualified organization, with the strong encouragement of personal friends:

  • Doctor Kostas Konstantinides, Men’s Health specialist, Head of the Department at the central hospital in Athens, President of the Hellenistic urologists, world physiologist…
  • professor Vladimir Kojovic, urologist in Belgrade
  • Doctor Miroslav Lj. Djordjevic, professor of urology and genital reconstructive surgery in Belgrade

The main objective and goal of AREPAHS (Association pour la Rencontre et les Echanges entre les Personnes Atteintes de Handicap Sexuel), Organization for Meetings and Interactions Between People Affected by Sexual Disabilities, is to break the feeling of being the only person in the world to carry the burden of living with this type of handicap, without being able to talk to other people about it, in a society that promotes sexual performance and potency in men, as well as the capability to provide pleasure and fertility in women.

Another goal of AREPAHS is to enable affected individuals to plan for the future, rather than allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and isolation, to gain professional training and holding a job of their choice, to establish plans for life-long projects rather than plans for suicide.

After being first established, AREPAHS plans to create a site on the internet, accessible only by people affected by physical sexual handicap, in all confidence, using access codes and passwords validated by CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés, the French data security and privacy commission), as members’ safety should not be compromised. One or several moderators (depending on membership), members of the organization, will be responsible for monitoring the site.

The operation of the AREPAHS organization is based on the Associations Law of 1908, with minimum funding, and does not make any medical recommendations.

The President